Hi! I’m Hannah, and I’m an ESL teacher in Taiwan. My school has a strong emphasis on reinforcing material using games, which means that the teachers are always looking for creative and fun activities to use in class. There’s a list of games that gets passed around from teacher to teacher, but I wanted a more visual and interactive format. My vision for this website is to have a searchable source of activities and games for students of all ages, with pictures and videos to illustrate and demonstrate exactly how these games are played. Feel free to contribute games, make suggestions on improvements, add variations, adapt the games to suit your own needs, and ignore the ones that don’t. Leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to reply!

My other sites:

Blogging From Taiwan – Stories of my adventures living in Taiwan, teaching English, and learning Chinese.

In Latin America – a chronicle of the trip my sister and I took through Latin America. (No new posts at present.)


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