Straw Relay Race

This is like the Candy and Spoon Race, but a bit more ridiculous. Rather than balancing a candy on a spoon, the students each have a drinking straw, and need to breathe in to hold a candy or a ping-pong ball onto the straw.

To play with a ping-pong ball, follow the rules for the Candy and Spoon Race. If you’re playing with candies instead, use small candies like m&m’s or small gumballs. Each team has a bowl or cup of candies in its starting place. The first student uses the straw to pick up a candy, then runs the obstacle course and returns to the desk. Instead of giving her candy to the next student (Gross! Germs!) she puts her candy down on the desk, and the next student (using his own straw) picks up a different candy from the cup and runs the race. Dropped candies are (obviously) discarded and the racer must return to the candy bowl to get a new candy.┬áThe first team to successfully carry ten candies through the race and put them on the desk without dropping them is the winner!