A pair of students stands back to back. The teacher holds a set of flash cards between them. The teacher counts to three as the students take three steps apart, and then when the teacher shouts “go!” the students turn around to face each other. The students look at the flash card that the teacher is holding up, and have to name the word and then shout “bang, bang!” at the other student while making an imaginary gun with their fingers. The faster student is the winner.

Alternatives to flash cards:

  • The teacher does a gesture and the students name the corresponding word.
  • The teacher says a word and the students do the corresponding gesture.
  • Before saying go, the teacher says a word and on go, the students have to spell it out.
  • The teacher says a word, shows a flash card, or writes a word on the board, and the students have to use it in a sentence.

Note: Yes, this is against all the rules in American schools where you’re not allowed to even pretend to have heard of making a gun with your fingers. Can anyone suggest an alternative to the gun thing? Make a silly face at the other student, maybe?