Hot Potato

The students pass a ball around the room, either in order or randomly from student to student. The teacher can play music, or have the students sing a song, spell words aloud, or chant something (numbers, months, the ABC’s) while the ball is being passed around. When the teacher shouts “STOP!” (or stops the music), the student holding the ball has to answer a question. The game continues as long as the teacher wants it to last – generally less than 5 minutes, as this game gets old fast.

Variation – pass two different-coloured balls around. When the teacher says stop, the student with the red ball asks a question for the student with the blue ball to answer.

Variation for large classes – Divide the class into teams. Each team has their own ball to pass around, and the students holding balls race to answer the question first.

You can also have the students spell a vocabulary word or make a sentence with a vocabulary word, rather than answer a question.