Beginners’ Halloween Party

This is not a game, but a lesson plan idea for a Halloween party for a young (6 to 10 years old) class that doesn’t read or write yet – this could be for kindergarten or elementary school students. The objective is to have a variety of types of games, including opportunities for students to practice what they’ve learned and pick up a few new Halloween-related words. I’m also trying to strike a balance between active games and quieter games. My policy is to keep games short and sweet – in beginners’ classes I don’t spend more than 10 minutes on any activity.

  1. Candy Guessing Game – 10 minutes. Award a prize for the winning guess, and hand out one or two pieces of candy per student. The rest can be used as prizes for games during the party.
  2. Pin the Face on the Pumpkin – 10 minutes. Now the kids are sugared up, give them a chance to giggle and get dizzy.
  3. Halloween Concentration – 10 minutes. Take a minute to slow down with concentration – you may have to teach them the new words for ghosts, owls, bats, and zombies.
  4. Candy and Spoon Race – 10 minutes. Another opportunity to get goofy in a traditional fall carnival game. (Straw Relay Race works just as well, too.)
  5. Halloween Costume Fashion Show – 10 minutes. Let the students show off their costumes in front of the class. Award prizes for the funniest, cutest, and best costumes. (I put this toward the end of the program so there won’t be upset kids all class if they lose.)
  6. Trick-Or-Treating – 10 minutes. Students knock on the doors of other classrooms asking for candy!

If you have spare time or need to replace a game, Witch Hat Ring Toss and Monster Golf are good active filler games. If your class is going crazy and you need to calm them down, have a dozen copies of an “I Spy”-type find-a-picture game on hand to dampen their spirits without ruining all the fun – they can work in groups to find the items you name, and be awarded prizes for finding them quickly.